10 best hangover remedies!

  • by Zane Lamprey
10 best hangover remedies!

I’ve drank in 72 countries, and paid the price in all of them. I’ve had more than my share of hangovers, which always left me in search of an antidote. I’ve found one solution that I’d consider a cure, and several viable remedies. But, due to the litigiousness of the world we live in, I remind you to consult with a medical professional with questions about your health. And, as always, moderate your drinking, and your hangovers will be more manageable. The best way to avoid a hangover is to abstain from drinking altogether… But, where’s the fun in that?

what is a hangover?

Hangovers, in the simplest terms, are the effects of dehydration on your body. There are other factors, but for the most part, dehydration is the cause of your woes. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, meaning that it increases the production of urine. That leaves your body with a low water level that triggers a series of symptoms consisting mainly of headaches and nausea.

#1 the closest thing to a cure

I have friends who are medical professionals who occasionally overindulge and conveniently keep banana bags in their refrigerators. The banana bags that I’m referring to are not bags full of bananas, nor is it a man posing in a Speedo. The banana bag that I speak of is a clear, plastic bag full of saline (salt water), which is most often used to hydrate medical patients. 

When you take in fluids orally, your body only absorbs about 10% of the water. So pounding liquids won’t alleviate your hangover expeditiously. However, saline water injected directly into your bloodstream can rehydrate you in about 30-45 minutes, depending on your initial level of dehydration.

This intravenous solution is a viable solution, but it’s not easy for most of us to come by. And, when you do find a place to get it administered — often coming with the addition of vitamins and anti-nausea medications — it’s expensive (up to $200).

#2 a big breakfast

Eating a big breakfast can get you on the road to recovery. Carbohydrates (like toast and pancakes) are quick to digest, which can help with nausea, and assist your body in returning blood sugar to proper levels. Eggs contain protein, L-cysteine, and zinc, which have all shown to reduce the effects of a hangover. Comfort foods can produce serotonin, decrease the stress hormone cortisol, and help your sense of wellbeing. So live it up and eat a big breakfast while you text apologies to your friends about last night.

#3 hair of the dog

An old folk tale says the way to treat a dog bite is to cover the wound with hair taken from the dog that bit you. In this case, the dog is alcohol and the hair is more alcohol. Bloody Mary’s and mimosas are prevalent at brunches full of yesterday’s drunk people. Drinking more alcohol to ease your withdrawal from alcohol is not without its merits, but you really should give your body time to rest and heal… But, where’s the fun in that?

#4 electrolytes

Electrolytes are touted everywhere, for their benefits with rehydration, sports performance, and recovery. They can be found in products like Gatorade, Pedialyte, and pickle juice. But few of us really know what electrolytes are. Nutritionally speaking, electrolytes are minerals dissolved in the body, which create electrically-charged ions. Electrolytes, like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphate help your body regulate fluid levels in your body. Drinks containing “electrolytes” have one or more of these chemical elements in them and can aid in rehydration.

#5 drugs

Aspirin, ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help with your head and body aches — although they can bother you stomach which may already be irritated by your hangover. Note that taking acetaminophen after consuming alcohol is not a good idea when you have a hangover.

#6 hydrate!

While you only absorb about 10% of the fluid you drink, it is still the second most effective way to rehydrate your body and get you on the road to recovery. If you pounded beers last night, pound some water.

#7 makin' whoopee

While a roll in the hay may not be the most viable hangover remedy, it can be effective. Sex, however, requires something that can be difficult to come by; the presence of a willing partner. Sex gets your blood pumping, causes perspiration, and releases endorphins which can make you feel better. And, of all of the options on this list, it’s the most fun.

#8 exercise

Exercise belongs higher on this list. But when you have a hangover, it sucks. Raising your heart rate, sweating, and getting those muscles moving, can assist in flushing the bad stuff out of your system faster. Exercise also releases endorphins and certain chemicals, like testosterone, which can chemically offset the symptoms of a hangover and make you feel better. So, go for a run, and puke in the bushes.

#9 coffee

Drinking coffee is a good idea and a bad one. Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant, so it can improve your mood and help you bounce back from your feelings of grogginess and malaise. But as with alcohol, coffee is a diuretic and can actually prolong your hangover symptoms. So, have a cup o’ joe. But don’t make it a triple.

#10 sleep

A hangover is your body’s way of signaling that it is in a diminished state. While it needs hydration, it also requires rest as it fights to return your body to baseline. Sleep is not always an option, with jobs, kids, and other extenuating factors. But there’s nothing sleeping through the worst parts of your hangover, and waking up ready to take on the town!


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